Music is Fuel

i wish you

Music is fuel for me (right along with a good, strong cup of dark roast coffee).

My daily grind begins at 5:30am every morning and it is never long after the alarm interrupts my dreams before the music is turned on. I do enjoy, and have a great appreciation for some good quality silence, but more often than not music is alive in my background somewhere; my own personal life soundtrack.

When you drudge away eight hours of your day in a tiny cubicle surrounded by noisy people and ringing telephones like me, headphones and a good playlist are a necessity. But more than that, in a job that isn’t exactly my passion in life, music is the thing that gets me through the day and keeps my over-active imagination going full speed ahead.

I decided to share my current  favorite playlist here. Perhaps one of these songs will inspire someone else along the way, like they have for me. My playlists usually revolve around whatever thing I’m obsessed with at that particular moment in life. Since I’m smack in the middle of editing a first draft of a novel, this list is a collection of songs that have one thing or another to do with the characters in our book and the pieces of myself I have put in to each of them.



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