Saturday Scribbles



I found a scribble this week that I wrote a few months ago. This one was written across the back of my check book (which obviously I don’t use very often).  It was written about a significant experience that both broke and revived me at the beginning of this year.

I’ve been thinking this week how important some of the most painful moments in my life have become to who I am today. All because I made a choice, unconsciously perhaps, a long time ago that I would not stay broken.

Everyone has pain in their life and we will all be broken at one point or another, sometimes over and over. But most extraordinarily, we have the choice to rise from our own pieces… again and again and again, if only we have the courage to be changed.


You broke my heart.

So completely…

So beautifully…

I shall never again bend back straight.

I will forever be twisted in a direction most other,

Irrevocably altered most exquisitely…

For the better.

Chelsey Whitlow



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