Saturday Scribbles



Watching love stories take shape and ignite has always been fascinating to me. It’s both terrifying and inspiring. Of course, I have many beloved stories that play out in my favorite movies and books… the list is quite extensive. I love a good story full of epic battles and grand gestures and the kind of love that fights and stays. The more cynical in my circle of friends may call these stories fairy tales or nonsense, telling me to get my head out of the clouds…reminding me that kind of love doesn’t exist.  And I honestly can’t fault them for their skewed perception of love. The truth is people can be selfish and cruel. The insane number of break-up songs and self-help books out there is proof alone that broken hearts are more often the rule than the exception.

But some of the most fascinating and inspiring love stories I’ve come to cherish, the ones that give me a glimmer of hope in humanity, I realized recently are ones I’ve witnessed in real life. I’ve seen real people who stay, who fight, who struggle, who choose to love even in the face of darkness and uncertainty. I’ve witnessed real love fly across the planet to just to be with the person that makes their heart beat faster, real love still holding their lovers hand on their death bed, real love holding together their spouse at the death of a child, real love choosing to stay even after the ultimate betrayal, real love carrying the burden of a difficult decision for another, real love weathering the storm of another’s nightmare…. It may be the exception…but real love does exist.

You can never really tell at the beginning of a love story if real love is what you’ll ultimately find. Maybe that’s why I love these stories so much, why so many of us do. Both in fiction and in real life, someone had to risk the possibility that it would or wouldn’t work out. They had to explore something potentially heart shattering, in hopes they would find what they were looking for. And so often these “someones” found both heartache and joy.  I’ve had my heart broken and learned the hard way that when you shut down and never risk the what- if’s of love; it’s not a full-proof way to never get hurt. It’s simply a way to never experience love at all… because it does exist. If it didn’t we wouldn’t love these stories like we do.

I know that’s an awfully long explanation for today’s tiny little scribble. But I’ve been pondering this scribble for the last few days since I discovered it in the notes app on my phone. It’s about the very beginning of a love story ( I won’t tell you whether the story is fact or fiction, but the ending is quite marvelous 😉 ) and it encompasses so many possibilities for me. It’s something I want for myself and in my grand quest for courage and adventure, these words inspire me to risk love…


It was dangerous to love him…

Like standing in water surrounded by lightning. She was bound to be burned.

He was a force she could not resist.

And he never saw her coming…



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