Brain Food



As I mentioned in a previous post, music is fuel for me. I can’t go long without it. I love discovering what music people are listening to and what songs inspire them. Sharing music is one of my favorite things to do with the people in my life. It makes me happy and it is always a joy and honor when others choose to share the music that inspires them with me. Whenever I’m in need of new tunes I search out my trusted music-loving friends and family for suggestions. And when I find those song-jewels that seem to grab hold of my very soul and ignite my imagination…..well… those get downloaded, slapped into a playlist, and texted or shared with my people immediately. It simply can’t be helped. Those kinds of treasures should not be buried.

So… I decided to share another one of my playlists on the blog for anyone who cares to listen to my current list of treasured song-jewels. A few of these songs even came from suggestions some of my favorite authors recently shared on their social media (They’re my favorite authors not just for their ability to enthrall me with a good tale). I’ve titled this playlist Brain Food because these songs have been really feeding my imagination lately in a productive way and driving my editing of the book heavily.

So…without further ado… here is Brain Food.


And if you, dear reader, feel like sharing some of your current favorite tunes…. leave me a comment. I’m always in the market for something new and inspiring.



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