Saturday Scribbles (Mid-Week Edition)


**(Doing something a little different today because I didn’t want to wait until Saturday, so I’m throwing a little mid-week scribble out there….)


So many of my scribbles come to me in the middle of a song. As I’ve posted before, music is my fuel and one of the mediums that inspires me the most. The scribble below came today while scanning some documents at work ( a mindless task perfect for getting lost in a song or daydream). While  listening to the playlist we built for the book, my thoughts drifted to our main character and some of the hard choices she will have to make throughout the course of the book. A song by A Silent Film called Harbour Lights came on and BAM…. my pen hit a nearby post-it note pad with a new scribble about Charley.

We all have choices we have to make in the relationships in our lives. Many of them difficult.  Different people play different roles…. Some good…. Some painful.  The relationships in my own life look more like a kaleidoscope, than any recognizable pattern. A wide array of  lovely and broken and beautiful characters color my own story.  It is the differences in these people that have made me who I am. And even the ones who have broken my heart along the way are vital. I wouldn’t trade any of them for another story. How can we regret love, in any form, if it makes us stronger, braver, wiser…. more?

I like my choices. Even the painful ones.

This scribble emerged from that idea (with a little jumpstart from an amazing song)….



One was my anchor;

The other my wings.

How could I survive without either?


One had captured my heart;

The other knew the language of my soul.

How could I ask only one to let me go?


I will forever be torn.


Chelsey Whitlow








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