Saturday Scribbles – Summertime

summer boys


Today’s scribble is brought to you by all things summer….inspired by a picture of two of my favorite boys, T & E. Seeing these two all covered in joy, reminds me of days long past, when my only worries were sunburns, mosquito bites, and running out of otter pops.

Cheers to you all on this fine summer Saturday!


A photograph can only whisper.

But memory, when jolted awake by such a whisper, grows into something almost living…

A thing alive with the perfume of sunscreen and bug spray, freshly mowed lawns and wet concrete in blazing July sun.

…With the trance like sound of sprinklers hitting parched earth, laughter and locusts humming their numbing lullaby.

…With the feel of red Popsicle melted sticky on sun-kissed hands and blistering sidewalks biting at tender bare feet.

A thing alive with a particular taste of freedom and endless possibility that comes only in summer.

Chelsey Whitlow


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