Saturday Scribbles – Old Souls

old soul

Have you ever met a person your soul seemed to recognize?

The kind of person you don’t have to explain your whys to; like why you prefer the edges of a crowded room or why stormy skies make you almost jubilant. The kind of person you bypass the small talk with and dive straight into the really good stuff, as if you’ve known them all along. The kind of person where, when you met them, your insides breathed a sigh of relief and thought….Oh, there you are. I’ve been expecting you.

The kind of person that has an old soul like yours…..


Old Soul tell me your tale.

Let me walk with you a spell and breathe in your strange familiarity.

Let me revel in stories of a life lived; a life my soul recognizes as truth.


Sing to me the song of your heart’s lament and delight,

So I may remember that one cannot truly see without the eyes of the other.


Sit with me a while, even if in silence,

So I may forget the empty echo of lonely nights and days in hiding.


Old Soul, tell me your tale

So I may write my own.


Chelsey Whitlow



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