Journal Entry: November 1 – Their Birthday

I craved it,
Chased it relentlessly.

Strength. Invincibility. A dragon to slay and a battle won. A spark of something that would make us….More.

No weakness, only power over it like the heroes of old. Hercules. Achilles. David and Goliath. Samson.

For so long the answer eluded me. Until the day I met her. She changed everything.

We wanted a taste. We wanted to possess that spark. We became convinced, all of us, that it could be ours, that it would change everything…for the better.

In our arrogance, we failed to ask the most important question – What would happen when we found it?

The answer?

We lost everything that really mattered.

And the causalities I never anticipated have become the monsters she must slay.

Chelsey Whitlow


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