Coat Pocket Treasures


Fall is my favorite season. Mostly because the air finally turns crisp and tinged with the coming cold and it becomes necessary to start breaking out my favorite kind of clothing….scarves and jackets. It’s always exciting digging out my jackets and coats in the Fall. I never know what I might find hidden away in their pockets, what remnants are left behind from colder weather adventures. Inevitably there are always tubes of chapstick, loose change, receipts and gum wrappers found. But on occasion, a real treasure is unearthed such as a lucky $20 bill or a scribble from a forgotten encounter.

This morning I pulled out a sweater I haven’t worn in a couple of years and found one such scribble scrawled out across a crumpled Starbucks napkin.

I fell for his mind
over accidental morning coffee.

It was the way he dissected
the flavor of my voice and
the direction of my thoughts.

“Merely the science of observation.” He explained.

I imagined depth behind his words.

I took back my admiration
over a walk with wild midnight whiskey.

It was the way he simplified
the myriad hues reflected in shadows and
dispelled the magic of the moon.

“Merely the intuition of the soul.” I countered.

And I knew he had nothing left for me to discover.

Chelsey Whitlow


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