Saturday Scribbles – Cherry On Top


On a whim a few days ago I bought a tube of red lipstick. Not sure what compelled me to make this purchase exactly. (I’m not really a red wearing kind of gal. It tends to clash with my hair) But I was feeling a little sassy, so I bought it.

As I got in my car to leave the drug store, I decided I’d dig the tube out and give it a test. I mean, what did I have to lose. I was just going to the gas station and then straight home. If it looked terrible, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. No one would really see me.

So I unwrapped it’s plastic armor and brushed it on. Then, I dared a hesitant look in my rear view mirror.

What I saw stunned me.

My whole face had transformed.

In a good way.

And I felt good… really good actually.

Reaching into my purse, I grabbed my receipt and pen and wrote down a quick line of a possible scribble. I wanted to remember this silly little moment in a drug store parking after taking a small risk with a cheap tube of “Cherry On Top” lipstick.

After stepping out of my norm and wearing this lipstick around the last couple days, I kind of feel like I’ve just discovered some new kind of secret weapon to my confidence.

Digging through my purse this morning for my keys, I came across that receipt and decided to add some more to my lipstick scribble.

It’s a little silly, I admit. But sometimes it is the simplest or most silly of things that can give us the confidence push we need to get out there and live life.

We must grab hold of these little things, even the silly ones, when they come our way.

Because, who knows…. Maybe one silly little tube of lipstick could change everything…

For too long I’ve stayed hidden under appropriate amounts of eyeliner and chapstick lips,
Draped in shades of black and gray.

Conservative voices echoing on about inner beauty.
Blemishes covered, but nothing too daring.

I’ve reveled in sideline shadows concealed among ordinary things.

Ever remaining along the fringes.

Wary of exposure…

Avoiding being truly seen,
except the copper strands of my inheritance.
Strands hard to disguise.

$2.96 and my face has a different story to tell…

Bolder steps and eyes cast up instead of anywhere else.

Confidence long buried creeping hopefully towards the surface.

Stranger’s hellos and lingering looks.

Brighter smile and the decision that shadows will no longer author my story.

The choice to step out,
to risk being noticed…

No more burrowing behind.

Present and engaged in the moment given.

A dose of courage in the color of rouge.

Chelsey Whitlow


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