A Beginning…



It’s early morning New Year’s day. I’m curled up in my favorite chair, warm beneath an old quilt. Outside the new year begins foggy and below freezing; inside, my apartment is wrapped in warm comfort, mellow music, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee and hope.

I’ve always loved waking up on New Year’s Day. And this morning proves no different. It overflows with All things new…

I can breathe this morning. I can feel possibility. I can dream and scribble down a hundred new futures inside the worn pages of my favorite leather journal. I can sense big things coming my way if only I will remember my courage and let them in. I can finally laugh at uncertainty holding onto faith in one pocket and stubborn resilience in the other.

And I begin this year hopeful….

For change
And new beginnings in new places.

For new ways to practice my courage
And new conversations with new friends and old.

For overcoming more fear
And not just chasing but capturing some of those dreams of mine.

For loving more deeply
And opening wide the parts still hidden.

And for living,
Really living this life I’ve been given.

Chelsey Whitlow


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