Day 47

Hope is Real…

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**TRIGGER WARNING** This grateful is an important one, but may be difficult for some people to hear. I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to post this one. Most of the people in my life do not even know this event occurred. It will certainly be a shock. But, I feel like it is the one grateful that actually makes all of these other gratefuls possible. It is the reason they mean so much. So here it is …raw and honest. Brace yourselves. Here is one of my most brutul truths and, probably my most important grateful.

Today I am grateful to be alive.

Some moments stick out to us more than any other. They are either filled with great joy or great sorrow. Some of these moments define the course of our futures in life-alteringly epic ways.(Sorry to be dramatic, but it is the truth). THE

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Winter Sunshine


Rare Winter Sun soaks in deep,
Warming these frigid, weary bones.

Quiet winds whisper peace,
Soothing these anxious, unyielding thoughts.

Red dirt and sleepy mesquite beckon,
Come…get lost… for just a little while.

Alone here,
These lungs recall,
What it’s like to breathe real air once more.

Alone here,
This heart recovers,
Its beat growing stronger for another tomorrow.

Alone here,
These feet remember,
Their direction once again.

Chelsey Whitlow