I am 


I am a thousand tiny pieces, Scattered and reaching. 

I am a puzzle, Corners most distinguishable. 

I am a storm shrouded Wednesday, Letting loose in torrents. 

I am a sun soaked Sunday, Warm and bright and restoring. 

I am water, Born in a desert land. 

I am fire, One in a long line of passionate others. 

I am a whisper, A remnant of a history raised in shadows. 

I am an echo, Of all I have encountered. 

I am sorrow, An ache ever present to those who gave up the fight. 

I am laughter, Against the odds. 

I am forgiveness, Given and received. 

I am irrational hope, Thread together by grace. 

I am a curious collection of opposites, Fearful and driven, lost and found, hidden and illuminated. 

I am an endless story. 

Chelsey Whitlow


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