I will …

I will cling to Your promises that I am loved, that You have a plan,

Even though those promises do not feel tangible or comforting in this grieving place.

I will be still before You,

Though every angry, bleeding fiber within me is screaming at me to run.

I will weep prayers of hope,

Though my heart betrays me in its anguish.

I will leave these broken pieces at Your feet,

Though my confusion, my sorrow, leaves me wondering if they will be redeemed.

I will wait…

Chelsey Whitlow



I know you…

O’ rebellious heart,

You have always been mine.

O’ wild heart,

You have adventure purposely knit into your very marrow.

O’ warrior heart,

You run so much deeper than your scars.

O’ broken heart,

Your tears will be the foundation for their safe harbor.

O’ fierce heart,

You will be their voice.

O’ lonely heart…

You have not gone unseen.

Chelsey Whitlow