The seasons are shifting once more…

The mercy of change smoking the skies a delicious gray.

Cooling rain washing clean the summer sorrow of this winter soul.

She feels it.



Like a lover gone too long.

Finally returning to the arms where they belong.
She is becoming herself.

Her truest self.

Once more.




She reminded him of a storm, he said.  Exciting and dangerous and gorgeous in all her shades of green and gray.
She reminded him of a cliff’s edge, he said. Enticing and rich with risk and a fall most fatal.
She wanted him to chase, to fall, to claim her as his own.
She waited, breath held, eyes wide, heart bare.
She must be kept out of reach, his little secret, hidden away he said, safely from the comfort of his favorite chair.
She smiled softly, her hands slipping at once from their shackles.

Goodbye, she said.

And with wings unfurling, I walked away.